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Our History

For more than 13 years the Sports Predictor group has been an internationally-recognized sports handicapping service that’s helped literally thousands of bettors consistently beat their bookie. We are renowned in the industry and feared by bookmakers because of our unrivaled profitability. Our team is comprised of professional bettors, betting syndicates and expert handicappers who all have one thing in common and that is a long-term record of success.

The repeal of PASPA in May of 2018 created an unprecedented opportunity to help American bettors, so Sports Predictor was launched in July 2019. Our goal is to replicate our international success by helping American bettors win while also providing the very best betting articles and podcasts. We will continue to operate with integrity and an exceptional commitment to helping our clients win.

Each expert analyst operates in their own unique way but all have a tireless work ethic, exceptional analytical skills and a willingness to never stop learnning. A mix of proprietary data, advanced analytics, computer algorithms and the latest machine learning techniques are often used to find positive EV bets. The team at Sports Predictor provide unrivalled profitability and return on investment for clients across a number of different sports.

When you are making the decision on which professional sports handicapper to back with your own betting bank, choose the company with proven results and a respected reputation.

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