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Rory Sheridan
  • NHL betting specialist (sides and totals)
  • Professional sports bettor since 2016
  • 9+ years proprietary sports betting experience

Our NHL handicapper has the perfect background to help our clients win.

Our NHL handicapper has the perfect background to help our clients win.

Rory Sheridan spent 5 years with one of Europe’s biggest betting syndicates as an oddsmaker, trader and manager. That role involved managing a team of people who developed and refined predictive sports models from which traders would bet.

For the last 3 years he has been a professional bettor focusing on NHL betting picks that consistently beat the market. Player models and team models are used to generate a baseline number which has a small edge on the market. But NHL is not a sport where you can rely solely on a model. It is a low-scoring and highly specialized sport where luck can play a big role and one position (goalie) is incredibly influential on the outcome of the game.

Our NHL handicapper uses the outputs of the model as a solid starting point, but Rory’s  years of betting experience is layered on top to find the best NHL betting picks each night.

Like every other package offered at Sports Predictor Rory is an expert bettor who is a proven winner, publishes full and transparent results and educates his clients.