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NHL Odds

NHL Odds

This page displays the best NHL odds from Las Vegas and offshore sportsbooks. Finding the best number available is an essential part of serious sports betting so here’s a quick explainer if you need some advice.


NHL Money Line Betting

Money line is the most popular bet type for NHL bettors. If the team you bet on wins the game then you win your bet. Everyone can understand that but what can need explaining to new bettors is the concept of money line odds which reflect the likelihood of the team winning. Here is an example:

Bruins -120

Blues +100

The favorite is listed with a – sign that indicates how much you need to bet to win $100. The underdog gets the + sign as that shows how much you win for each $100 bet.

In the example above the Bruins are listed at odds of -120 which means you need to bet $120 to win $100 (total return of $220). Or if they were -220 you’d have to outlay $220 to win $100.

The +100 for the Blues in this example means that if they win the game you double your money. You win $100 for every $100 bet.

Most hockey bettors will bet “to win” on favorites and bet “to risk” on underdogs. So they’ll risk $150 to win $100 on a -150 favorite, or outlay $100 to win $130 on a +130 dog.

Money line bets are the simplest form of betting as there is no spread to beat. If your team wins, you win your bet.


NHL Puck Line Bets

The Puck Line is a bet created for hockey bettors but is essentially the same concept as the MLB run line or the NBA/NFL point spread. 1.5 goals are added to the underdog and are subtracted from the favorite.


Bruins -1.5 (-250)

Blues +1.5 (+220)

In this example the Bruins need to win the game by two runs or more for puck line bettors to win. Any other result (ie. the Blues winning or the Bruins winning by 1 goal) and the bet loses.

For Blues puck line bettors they can win the game or lose by just one goal and they win the bet.


NHL Totals

Another popular bet type for hockey bettors is Over or Under the combined goals scored by both teams. So rather than backing a team you’re rooting for either lots of goals or none at all. As with most sports the Over tends to be a lot more popular than the Under for casual NHL bettors.


Best NHL Odds

If you’re serious about winning this hockey season be sure to always look for the best available NHL odds before placing your bet. Bookmark this live NHL odds page to compare the best Las Vegas lines as well as those offshore.