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Bet with a proven EDGE by making the same plays
as college football pro bettor Kris Dawson.

Kris Dawson

  • Professional sports bettor since 2014
  • 5 straight years without a losing season
  • High volume bettor across multiple sports

Kris Dawson

  • Professional sports bettor since 2014
  • 5 straight years without a losing season
  • High volume bettor across multiple sports

1 day
$ 49
Kris Dawson NCAAF


Baseball, basketball and football. Kris has developed algorithms that form the basis of his approach, but layered on top of that is the experience and instinct of a number of years as a professional bettor.

NCAA Football clients will enjoy an action-packed package with 10-15 bets most weeks covering full game and first half plays. When you have a proven edge on the market you want to put that into play as often as possible. The college football membership from Kris certainly achieves that.


Clients are advised to bet the same amount on every play. Based on a 100 unit betting bank Kris advises a bet of 2.5 units. He adjusts the dollar value of his unit size each day so that he always has a 100 unit bank.

"I can honestly say that I'm very interested in helping everyday bettors win and to also teach them about a disciplined approach and consistent mindset. I went through many down seasons in my early years as a sports bettor and it was an exceptionally difficult learning curve to get to where I am today. But I don't think everyone has to go through that. I've got no doubt that I can help fast-track my clients results and their betting education."

"Of course it is nice to have a supplementary income to my own betting. I am already running my numbers, handicapping games and finding value bets so the additional work required here with Sports Predictor is not overly time consuming. I'm betting into the main markets (sides and totals) for our biggest sports so having a client base will not adversely affect my own results."

1 day - $49
1 month - $227
Season - $677 (Earlybird)


Some plays are released early in the week and all picks are released by Friday night. They will be sent to you by email and also updated in the members area. There are no game-day releases.


The 1 day pass does not recur. The monthly memberships are set up to recur by default but you can cancel that recurring payment at any time.

There are many reasons and here are the Top 10:

1) Winning Edge
Our expert team gives our clients a consistently profitable edge. Every Sports Predictor handicapper has been a consistent winner for a number of years.

2) Discipline
Long-term betting success requires a consistent approach and the discipline to stick with the plan. Our clear betting recommendations make it easy for you to follow the plays of professional bettors.

3) Done For You
The hard work of finding profitable plays is already done for you. That means all you have to do is check your email or login into your account to follow the recommended bets.

4) Money Management
Making negative EV plays is a problem on its own, but so is betting too much of your bankroll on each play. Our suggested approach to managing your bankroll finds the right balance between risk and reward.

5) Education
Our expert team don’t just provide winning plays. They also educate bettors through blog posts, podcast and webinars..

6) Selective Approach
You won’t find us listing lots of handicappers for each sport – we only have the best of the best.

7) Limited Subscribers
Every package has a subscriber limit and is then closed to new members when we hit that number.

8) Followed By Sharps
Our list of clients includes a number of professional sports bettors and advantage players.

9) Honest Results
Every play is graded against fair lines, FanDuel’s sportsbook rules and is published on our site.

10) Fully Transparent
Unlike many other websites which profit by referring losing bettors, there are no such affiliate links here.



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1 day
$ 49
Kris Dawson NCAAF