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This page displays the best NCAA Football odds so that you can always take the best available line. Bettors can compare the college football odds at Las Vegas sportsbooks alongside those available offshore.


College Football – Against The Spread

The point spread is the most popular college football bet as it evens up the contest for bettors. Games that are mismatches suddenly become entertaining when betting against the spread is involved. Casual college football bettors can easily understand the simplicity of this bet type.

Alabama 21 point favorites, for example, is easily understood. They need to win the game by more than three touchdowns for you to win the bet. Underdog bettors can get involved by backing their team to stay within 3 touchdowns or even dream of winning the game outright.

Betting the spread involves laying $110 to win $100. This extra amount is the bookie’s commission and puts the odds in their favor. Anyone can hit at 50% but they will gradually get worn down by the juice. Betting -110 odds requires you to have a winning strike-rate of 52.4% or better to make money.

College football bettors should also understand that the spread isn’t necessarily the exact margin of victory expected by Las Vegas or offshore sportsbooks. When they set and move lines they are normally trying to balance their action. In most cases they prefer not to have massive swings on the outcome of any one game. That does happen on occasion but for most Las Vegas sportsbooks they’d prefer to rake in the juice. That’s easier said than done of course because college football odds are a dynamic market.


NCAAF Moneyline Betting

A straight-forward way to bet because all you need is for your team to win the game.

+ is the amount you will win when risking $100 on a bet. So you are backing the underdog. For example the Longhorns at +250 means if they win the game straight-up you win get $350 back (your stake plus $250 in winnings) for each $100 you bet.

– is the amount you need to risk in order to win $100 on the favorite. The Tigers at -500 requires you to risk $500 to win $100. Or to risk $2500 to win $500, etc.

Most Las Vegas and online sportsbooks display their college football moneyline odds where the amount you enter for a bet is “to win” on negative odds and “to risk” for positive odds.


Betting College Football Totals

Another popular bet type amongst NCAAF bettors is Over or Under the combined points scored by both teams. The Over tends to be a lot more popular bet because cheering for offense is far more enjoyable for most than chanting dee-fense all night long.

Totals betting has consistently grown in popularity over the years. It is also a betting market where a lot of sharp players operate because they can assess match-ups, coaching stratgies, weather and more.


Best Vegas NCAAF Odds

Finding the best available lines NCAA football odds is an important step to becoming a winning bettor. The value of a half-point or full point is under-estimated by the casual college football bettor but makes a massive difference over a high volume of bets. Make sure you bookmark this NCAA football odds page to compare the best Las Vegas lines before you bet.