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Doug West

  • Professional sports bettor since 2013
  • 57% on college hoops sides and totals last season
  • Profitable picks from extensive analysis

Doug West

  • Professional sports bettor and proven winner
  • Beating the books with analytics and models
  • Baseball, football and basketball capper

$ 49
Doug West NCAAB
$ 49
Doug West NCAAB


Basketball is by far his favorite and most successful sport.

College basketball clients will enjoy plenty of action with 400-500 plays expected for the season. Full game sides and totals comprise around half of the overall action. The other half of his wagers include 1st half sides and 1st half totals.

All plays are for an outlay of between 1 and 5 units. The most plays are for either 1 or 2 units. We recommend a starting bankroll of 100 units. Money management is an integral part to being a winning sports bettor. Always apply sound money management and remember, this is a long term grind, not a short term chase.

Whether you're an avid sports bettor or someone who is brand new to the world of wagering, Doug wants to help you cash as many tickets as possible vs the bookmakers. With all of the advantages the sportsbooks have against the bettors, it's only natural to try and level the playing field by providing expert plays and insights to those who want it.

Get the rest of the college hoops season including all of March Madness for just $49.

Plays are sent by email and posted on our website the night before each game and also on gameday - normally in the last two hours before tip-off.

The monthly package is set up to recur by default but there is no ongoing commitment. If you wish to cancel you can do so at any time. Both the 1 day and Season passes are one-off payments. There is no recurring billing.

There are many reasons and here are the Top 10:

1) Winning Edge
Our expert team gives our clients a consistently profitable edge. Every Sports Predictor handicapper has been a consistent winner for a number of years.

2) Discipline
Long-term betting success requires a consistent approach and the discipline to stick with the plan. Our clear betting recommendations make it easy for you to follow the plays of professional bettors.

3) Done For You
The hard work of finding profitable plays is already done for you. That means all you have to do is check your email or login into your account to follow the recommended bets.

4) Money Management
Making negative EV plays is a problem on its own, but so is betting too much of your bankroll on each play. Our suggested approach to managing your bankroll finds the right balance between risk and reward.

5) Education
Our expert team don’t just provide winning plays. They also educate bettors through blog posts, podcast and webinars..

6) Selective Approach
You won’t find us listing lots of handicappers for each sport – we only have the best of the best.

7) Limited Subscribers
Every package has a subscriber limit and is then closed to new members when we hit that number.

8) Followed By Sharps
Our list of clients includes a number of professional sports bettors and advantage players.

9) Honest Results
Every play is graded against fair lines, FanDuel’s sportsbook rules and is published on our site.

10) Fully Transparent
Unlike many other websites which profit by referring losing bettors, there are no such affiliate links here.



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$ 49
Doug West NCAAB
$ 49
Doug West NCAAB


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