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Kris Dawson
  • Professional sports bettor since 2014
  • High volume of highly profitable NCAAB plays
  • 5 straight years without a losing season
Doug West
  • Professional sports bettor since 2013
  • 57% on college hoops sides and totals last season
  • Profitable picks from extensive analysis

You are reading this because you love betting on college hoops.

You are reading this because you love betting on college hoops.

But if you’re like 98% of NCAA basketball bettors what you don’t love is losing just as many bets as you win. That’s why we have recruited the best college basketball betting experts to join the Sports Predictor team. It’s a small hand-picked panel providing their best college basketball picks.

We’ve published a lot of information on each capper including background articles, podcast interviews, blog posts and season previews. Make sure you’re on our daily free picks newsletter list to learn more about each handicapper’s approach.

Casual bettors tend to focus on college basketball for the fantastic spectacle that is the March Madness tournament. But as bettors we are focused on value and volume. It is possible to find both right from the season tip-off. The sheer number of college games as well as new players, coaching strategies, key injuries and the unpredictability of student athletes makes it difficult for sportsbooks. A challenge for a bookie represents an opportunity for bettors. There’s a reason why sportsbooks have lower limits on college basketball than a sport like NFL. They simply don’t have the resources to stay on top of the hundreds of NCAA BB games each week.

Each Sports Predictor handicapper has a different way of identifying value. But they do share one common trait and that is beating their bookie. Winning is what they do for a living.

Stay tuned for the best college basketball picks in the business.