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NBA betting gets more popular every year, but beating the books gets a little harder.

NBA betting gets more popular every year, but beating the books gets a little harder.

Loving the NBA and winning on it are two very separate things because the sportsbooks do an excellent job (overall) of accurately setting the lines. Which means that finding NBA picks with a consistent edge on the market is no easy task.

Edges can still be found though if you have the right skills and are prepared to put in an incredible amount of work. You’ll need to assess factors such as player and team match-ups, advanced analytics, new player-tracking data, load management strategies, travel schedules, fatigue and motivation.

That level of analysis and workload is far beyond the average hoops bettor. They want winning NBA picks but don’t possess the expertise or have the time do the work required.

That’s why we have recruited America’s best NBA bettors for the Sports Predictor team heading into the 2019/20 season. Full details will be released in early October and rest assured it is a small group of elite experts covering NBA sides, totals, first halves, team totals and player props.

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Each handicapper has a different approach to finding value but all have one thing in common – they’ve been winning for a number of years with their NBA picks.

It has to be one of the most eagerly anticipated seasons in recent memory. The Warriors dynasty appears over and there looks to be many teams who could win the title. Unprecedented player movement adds to the intrigue.

Just look at the following Dynamic Duos:

  • Kawhi and PG13 at the Clippers.
  • LeBron and AD at the Lakers.
  • Harden and Westbrook at the Rockets.
  • Embiid and Simmons at the Sixers.
  • KD and Kyrie (eventually) in Brooklyn.
  • The Splash Brothers (eventually) at the Warriors.

Mouth-watering stuff! Stay tuned for the best NBA picks in the business.