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NBA Odds

MLB Odds

This page displays the best MLB odds from Las Vegas and offshore sportsbooks. Finding the best number available is an essential part of serious sports betting so here’s a quick explainer if you need some advice.


MLB Money Line Betting

When making a money line wager MLB bettors are simply backing their team to win the game.


Phillies -150

Nationals +130

The favorite is listed with a – sign that indicates how much you need to bet to win $100. The underdog gets the + sign as that shows how much you win for each $100 bet.

In the example above the Phillies are listed at odds of -150 which means you need to bet $150 to win $100 (total return of $250). Or if they were -220 you’d have to outlay $220 to win $100.

The +130 for the Nationals in this example means that if they win the game you win $130 for every $100 bet. Or $65 for every $50 bet.

Most baseball bettors will bet “to win” on favorites and bet “to risk” on underdogs. So they’ll risk $150 to win $100 on a -150 favorite, or outlay $100 to win $130 on a +130 dog.

Money line bets are the simplest form of betting as there is no spread to beat. If your team wins, you win your bet.


MLB Run Line Bets

Run line bets are where 1.5 runs are either added or deducted from that team’s final score.


Red Sox +1.5 (-140)

Yankees –1.5 (+120)

In this example the Yankees need to win the game by two runs or more for run line bettors to win. Any other result (ie. the Red Sox winning or the Yankess winning by 1 run) and the bet loses.

The Red Sox can win the game or lose by just one run either way their run line bettors will win.

So very similar to the football or basketball spread, when betting on the run line in MLB the team’s final score has runs either added or deducted to determine the outcome.


MLB Totals

Another popular bet type amongst MLB bettors is Over or Under the combined runs scored by both teams. So rather than backing a team you’re rooting for either pitchers or batters for the entire game. The Over tends to be a lot more popular bet because most casual MLB bettors are keen to see plenty of hits and runs. Weather is a massive factor in handicapping MLB Totals and there are many other variables to consider.


Best MLB Odds

Finding the best available odds is a crucial step in your journey to becoming a winning baseball bettor. You can take advantage of the opportunity to lay less juice or you can get paid out more on your winners. Be sure to bookmark this MLB odds page to compare the best Las Vegas lines before you bet.