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Baseball offers an incredible volume of potential bets each season

Baseball offers an incredible volume of potential bets each season

162 regular season games for each team in basically a 6 month period is a buffet of betting opportunities if you have expert MLB picks. The challenge is choosing your spots to find value in a market that is dominated by advanced statistics. Baseball is much more heavily influenced by the numbers than a sport like football where other factors such as game film, motivation, match-ups and injuries are very important.

To handicap MLB games and come up with picks that consistently beat the market it is essential to use advanced stats. The problem for casual bettors is that either they don’t have access to the best data available and/or they are not able to process the advanced stats to find a profitable edge.

The team at Sports Predictor have the best data money can buy. That data + advanced algorithms + betting experience = consistent profits.

We have recruited the best baseball bettors who are willing to share their MLB picks with subscribers. The hard work is done for you so that you can follow these plays and bet with confidence.

Whether you want to bet baseball moneylines, runlines, totals or First 5 Innings…we have you covered with our MLB Picks.