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Code Of Conduct

We pride ourselves on always on unmatched integrity and transparency to go along with a long-term edge on the market.

Every single Sports Predictor handicapper abides by our industry-leading Code Of Conduct:

1. Skin in the game: we never release any play unless we’re also betting them with our own money. Believe it or not, there are many cappers at other websites who handicap games but don’t actually bet those same plays.

2. Full transparency: including publishing every sports pick of every handicapper on our website. This allows clients and all website visitors to monitor every capper’s performance. Integrity, honesty and full transparency are the hallmarks of the Sports Predictor group.

3. World-class customer service: we have staff members dedicated to helping you get the most out of your membership.

4. Ongoing education: our team consistently produces betting previews, advice and strategies to help bettors of various experience levels increase their betting knowledge. We’re here to help educate sports bettors as well as consistently providing profitable investment advice.

5. Nothing is forced: we never release plays unless they meet our strict criteria for value. And we don’t dramatically increase our bet units based on previous results.

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