Haye to batter Bellew?

Published by on March 1, 2017

It’s difficult to remember two fighters in living memory who have hated each other as much as David Haye and Tony Bellew.

Some of their pre-match bravado has undoubtedly been contrived, but there is clearly an underlying bitterness between the British pair.

It must have taken something special to convince Bellew to go up a weight, but now that he has, he’s a massive underdog.

Haye may not have fought anyone that notable in his comeback – his fight against De Mori was basically a joke – but his size and power are the reasons why he’s at 1/7 to win this bout.

The former heavyweight champion isn’t likely to be knocked down, and Bellew may be hoping to do this on points. Haye doesn’t like being hit and Bellew’s quick punches should be a challenge for him, but it’s still best to back what round the Bermondsey boxer will win it in.

Haye’s 7/1 to win in either the second, third, or fourth round. After that, the odds only go up, which does suggest nobody is expecting Bellew to last all that long.

If the Evertonian does cause an upset, there’ll be money in it. The 34-year-old is 9/2 to win outright, or 16/1 to go all the way and win by a decision.

There’s only one favourite, though. It’s time for the trash talking to end and for the sworn enemies to step up and prove themselves in the ring.