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We'll pay out 30% commissions on each and every sale for the life of any subscription. That means if one of your leads joins a service for 12 months then you will receive commission for each of the 12 payments.

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Horse Racing

40% strike rate, very little drawdown and better than 10% ROI at Betfair SP. The perfect criteria to keep our customers coming back.


finding value all over Europe, averaging 3-4 bets per day on the Match Odds market

Scottish Football

TV games and a parochial following means that value goes out the window for most punters. Our guys make 20% ROI, easily.


Finding value all over Europe, averaging 15-20 bets per week on the Match Odds market


9 winning seasons from the last 11 and 5 to 8 bets per weekend which means loads of action on the toughest sport in the world to beat.

How it works

Step 1

Sign up to be a Sports Predictor affiliate

Step 2

Share your unique affiliate link with everyone you tell about Sports Predictor

Step 3

If they become a member via your link, you’ll receive a 30% commission - that's on every payment they make, month after month.

Step 4

You can log in to your personal dashboard to track your referrals, get new creative, get support. We pay you on the 15th of the month via Paypal or Bank Deposit – whatever you prefer!


As much as you want! The more customers you refer to Sports Predictor, the more you earn. Top affiliates are earning £3k+ every month, just for referring customers.

When you register as a Sports Predictor affiliate you will be given an unqiue tracking link. Whenever someone clicks on your link, they will be automatically tracked to your account and you will receive commission for every month they are a premium member.

Websites are great for referring customers but they are not the only way. Social media is also great and in some cases, even better than a website. You can Tweet your link, share it on Facebook, create a YouTube video or simply email it to friends and family. No limits!

When you log into your affiliate account you can view the number of times your link has been clicked on, how many premium members you have referred to Sports Predictor and the commission you have earned.

Data is updated in real-time and you will see new accounts/payments within a few minutes

Payments are made monthly to affiliates via PayPal or Bank Deposit on the 10th of the month for the previous month.

Yes, our minimum payout is only £50. If your earnings fall below this level then they will be carried over to the following month.

No, we do not require you to be a customer with us in order to be an affiliate.

In your affiliate account you’ll find a range of Sports Predictor banners and graphics for you to use. If you require any other promotional material you can contact your affiliate manager and they will be happy to help.

Tracking cookies last 30 days. This means that when someone clicks on your tracking link, they have 90 days to sign up to Sports Predictor’s mailing list or packages in order for you to be eligible to receive commissions for that referral.