Top Tips to Help You Bet

The pastime of gambling is enjoyed by a gigantic amount of people all over the world, be it on the casino floor or via an app on your phone. When it comes to betting, you’ll want to make sure that you have as much of an advantage over the bookmakers as possible, so that’s where these top tips come in. Here, we’ll be helping you with your betting preparation, the dos and don’ts, as well as the general rules for all bettors.

Examine the markets and choose wisely

The betting and gambling market is overflowing with bookmakers looking to lure you onto their site to place your bets with them. If you have a preferred sport, such as horse racing, football, or even ice hockey, be sure to check out each interesting site’s betting pages for a typical event in that category. Don’t be lured by free bets, go for the biggest and best markets for you.

All bookies differ in what they offer, the odds for the markets, and even what sports are available for betting. Once you’ve found your ideal bookmaker, the one that covers everything that you want to bet on – there almost certainly is one out there – check out all of the markets and options for betting. For example, when it comes to football, many sites will do the standard win-lose-draw, half-time result, first goal scorers, any time goal scorers, and much more, but some won’t have both players to score and one team to win.

The variation is quite vast and special or unique bets will be a common occurrence as you look through different bookmakers, so be sure to pick the one that suits you the best. Once you have your set selection of markets and areas to bet on – be it in one contest or through a whole season – you can then angle your research to befit the markets that you’d find it fun on which to bet. Also, it’s a good idea to get to grips with the multiples and accumulators that you can bet on, so that you know how many picks you may want to combine.

Research, research, research

There are some who see betting as a game of luck, as though it was a spin on the roulette wheel or the deal of the cards, but in reality, you can remove huge elements of the luck that are involved with some strong research. Luck will always be a factor in anything that’s sport-centric as not everything can always go the way that it’s supposed to – just look at Leicester City winning the Premier League in 2016 – so here are some ways to be prepared before placing your bet.

First of all, form counts for a lot in many sports, but not so much overall form. The way that a team, horse, or player has performed over their last five games means very little compared to where they put in the performances. For example, with horse racing, certain tracks have steep areas which make them uniquely difficult, so a horse that has won its last five on straight forward, perfectly level tracks may be at a disadvantage for a hillier climb. Moving over to team sports, a trend will always develop with one team or another where their home form is better than their away form, or vice versa. So they may have won three on the trot, but if they’re all at home, a different performance can likely be expected on their travels.

Along with form, stats and facts are always great to review before placing a bet. Game-specific and general stats and facts are good to look into, such as goal scoring against a certain team. If a footballer has scored six goals in four games at a set stadium, they seem like a good bet; however, if they’re slumping and haven’t scored in six games, then maybe they’d be worth avoiding. The facts side will include information like injuries being learned and how that will affect the remaining players.

A good way to find out many of these quite quickly is by looking for tipster pieces. The very best tipsters will have reviewed all of the information for the upcoming contest and made an educated call on who will win, what will happen, and why. So don’t be afraid to utilise the tipsters!

Favourites don’t always win

So, the bookies initially calculate their odds through a complex algorithm, but then those odds are swayed to better represent how pundits are betting. While many and most will back the favourites most of the time, the favourites simply don’t win as often as they should. In fact, it was found that betting on all underdogs would lose you less money than betting on all favourites.

A prime example of a huge favourite not coming through was horse Annie Power at Cheltenham Festival in 2015. She was immensely favoured with no other horses even coming close in anyone’s mind. Annie Power was a very long way ahead as she entered the last hurdle, but then she took a fall and lost a huge number of people money. Once you’ve reviewed the market and done your research, if you happen to land on a pick that isn’t the favourite don’t fear, it still has a good chance of coming in.

For most casual bettors, the heavy favourites are used more often as accumulators buffers, just to get that little bit extra in returns. Now, there’s nothing wrong with backing the favourite if you think they’re going to win, even as a single, but shorter odds don’t guarantee a win.

Bet responsibly

By now, you would have seen the adverts, banners, posters, and even the logos up everywhere warning bettors to gamble responsibly, and this statement should be strictly adhered to. Betting because you need the money, to recover losses, or because you need a win is not good. Betting is supposed a fun and leisurely past time which simply adds another level of excitement to the event that you’re watching or following.

A great way to ensure that you’re gambling responsibly is to only ever bet when sober, as the drink can lead to some silly decisions. Also, setting a deposit limit on your account can do the world of good. This ensures that you only spend the limit that you know you can afford each month, rather than depositing each week to try and win back some money and spending more than you should.

To achieve both the excitement of betting as well as enjoying your winnings, you could try the two pocket rule. The method is simple; you take/deposit the exact amount that you would want to spend and only ever spend that money. When you win, you put the winnings in another pocket – or keep note and don’t spend when it’s in your account – so that when you’re all out of your allotted betting money, you have your winnings to enjoy elsewhere. You enjoy all of the betting at the set amount that you decided, and you may get the bonus of winning and being able to use those winnings for other things that you want.

So, get to grips the markets available, research as much as you can so that you know exactly what’s going on, don’t always trust the favourites, and bet responsibly. These top tips will ensure that you have a great time betting.